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What interested you about becoming a photographer?
– I have always been interested in photography. In my childhood, I already liked photography. They Took my parents and family from analog cameras. I Never Took it as a profession Until I Studied photography and Began to devote myself to the art world. That was when i bought my first reflex camera.

Where do you find inspiration to make your photographs?
– The inspiration comes from dreams, life experiences, other arts such as film, music and literature.

What do you most like to photograph?
– I am attracted social issues, critical values. I also think a lot about feelings when I'm creating, I think the artist creates what he feels; His work is a reflection of your inner.

Who are your favorite photographers?
– I have a very large list of referents. Many of them are at the peak of them a career, others they are not so well known. I tell here their names: Eugenio Recuenco,Guy Bourdin,Tim Walker,Jan Saudek,Oleg Oprisco,Silvia Grav,Abel Azcona,Gabriel Isack, Noell Oszvald...