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What interested you about becoming a photographer?
– I'm a 19 year old young mother. I don't like superficial things and prefer anything in its natural way. I stopped school early because of health problems, but I kept studying the world by myself, reading books and sitting anywhere, observing how humans acts and moves.

Where do you find inspiration to make your photographs?
– Attracted by everything that is soft, fragile, innocent, naive but also mysterious and bizarre. I'm inspired by life, and this strange sensation that I always had, while watching the world from far away without saying anything, waiting patiently my turn, using my eyes a lot more than my voice.

What do you most like to photograph?
– I once gave the mission to myself to prove that love, innocence and fragility still existed. Staged moments or instant shots; my child, children of others, animals or objects, it is everywhere and I'm here, doing all I can to record it all.

Who are your favorite photographers?
– Tim Walker, Felicia Simion.