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What interested you about becoming a photographer?
– The most fascinating for me is possibility to doing what I really like, chance to meet lots of unique people and avoid terrible routine!

Where do you find inspiration to make your photographs?
– I find it almost everywhere. Everything can inspire me, even a singe movie, video clip, some scene I saw at the street or song I`ve just heard.

What do you most like to photograph?
– I really like to photograph women. I like to watch them changing with new make-up, hairstyle and cloths, and how they come into new role and act.

Who are your favorite photographers?
– I have lots of favorite photographers but person who I admire most is Annie Leibovitz. She`s my photographic authority. Others photographers that works I like are Marcin Tyszka, Mert&Marcus, Alexi Lubomirski and many, many more...