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Bosnia and Herzegovina
What interested you about becoming a photographer?
– Capturing moments in time which cannot repeat. They can be alike, but never the same. That interests me the most. We can't stop time, but we can stop moments in time in a photograph and I find it transcendent.

Where do you find inspiration to make your photographs?
– Everywhere I go or just by passing down the street I imagine moments frozen and captured by camera. Sometimes an idea bumps me in the head, but mostly I find inspiration looking the world through my eyes. It's often something interesting, wierd and extraordinary.

What do you most like to photograph?
– People mostly, because neither face expression is exactly the same, it changes within seconds. Nature comes second, but I like to photograph cute little animals and children too.

Who are your favorite photographers?
– Lara Jade, Emily Soto, Rona Keller, Dimitri Caceaune, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Steve McCurry